05.02.2020 | Alena Solovyeva

We would like to draw your attention to some important information

Important Information

We would like to draw your attention to some important information IBM communicated recently regarding deliveries of IBM Hardware.

Team IBM is working intensively towards further quality and content related improvements regarding the situation, independently from this it is very important that you incorporate the following information in your orders and delivery planning accordingly.

In order to enable smooth deliveries it is essential that you submit complete delivery instructions for the last mile carrier to our Ordering Center in Bratislava.

  • Instructions must be submitted completely and on time
    • Ideally already at order submission, the latest prior the goods will leave the Country Delivery Center of our logistics partner Geodis. After the Advice of Delivery (AoD) has been created, any changes are subject of major efforts and cost, since the AoD can’t be recreated at the last mile carrier anymore, but goods must be returned to the CDC where a new AoD must be created and the boxes will be relabeled before they can be resent to a new address.
    • This includes the final client delivery address, please advise the clients that any late changes will result into major efforts and delays of deliveries
  • Instructions must be submitted with each delivery
    • Each and every delivery is needing complete delivery information, our Carriers are not allowed to use data from the previous delivery to the client to justify the need for special services, so the Carriers can only provide the services that are identified from IBM.

Due to ongoing and recurring issues within the planning of deliveries we want to inform you which services are subject of the contracts between IBM and Geodis.

  • In case of no other specific advice, the delivery to the client will be conducted with the appropriate number of people to the delivery ramp of the client (outside).
  • The following services are also included in the service catalogue, but have to be explicitely mentioned and requested in your delivery instructions to the Order Center Bratislava, the latest during the phone call of the delivery agreement (Pre Call):
    • Delivery inside of the customer building
    • Additional personnel or tools required, i.e. to get over stairs
      • The more details is been provided to the last mile carrier about the situation onsite and the client’s requirements, the better we enable decent delivery planning
    • Unpacking of goods and return of packing material
    • Lifters, Floor Plates, Truck with hydraulic ramp, Crane
    • Any Security Requirements (like No. of Identity Card, Car Plate etc)
    • Onsite inspections prior delivery
    • All of the above is also valid for pick-up orders
  • Any services outside of the above list, like late changes of the AoD, dedicated trucks after failed deliveries because of wrong delivery addresse, are liable to pay cost and require IBM approval prior being ordered.
    Contact Data for the final delivery at the client’s site
    Please check the contact information for the Pre Call unconditionally for each delivery. Please submit Name, Prename, Mobile and Landing Number, as well as a valid eMail Address.
    We recommend to provide as additional, alternate contact one of your own employees who are assigned to the client situation. By doing this the last mile carrier will inform you directly in case of any problems to reach the client’s primary contact. If your order is processed through a Distributor, please make sure that you have the distributors agreement in order to avoid any conflicting responsibilities and instructions. As soon as a delivery date has been agreed with the client, this date is valid and must not changed without agreement from IBM.
    Delivery Dates (CSD)
    When disposing delivery and installation dates, please regard that the „Customer Scheduled Dates“ (‘CSD’) is only advising a delivery date, but must not be seen as a guaranteed delivery date.