23.02.2022 | Tech Data IBM Hardware Team

Tech Data informs: Virtual IBM HMC

As of August 9, 2021, the 5765-VHP IBM Virtual Appliance for Power V10 and the 5765-VHX IBM HMC Virtual Appliance x86 V10 are available.

These are the successors of the 5765-HMV and 5765-HMW, respectively.

Unfortunately, IBM does not offer an upgrade from 5765-HMV to 5765-VHX.

If an active software maintenance exists, the end customer is entitled to install the new version. According to IBM the download in the ESS is only possible with active SWMA.

The small excerpt from the ESS shows you how to find this new product:

IBM Entitled Systems Support – Software downloads

Note about the previous version:

Der EOS End of support of the 8.8.x Version was on 30.04.2020
Der EOS End of support of the 9.1.x Version was on  30.09.2021

The Version 9.2.x will expire after the 30.04.2023

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