11.03.2022 | Tech Data IBM Hardware Team

Storage Expert Care Reduction on New FlashSystem 7300 & 9500

Storage Expert Care was introduced on the new FlashSystem 7300 & 9500 models in February, allowing you to independently choose your product, support level and duration to align with your clients’ business needs

Following the global launch and to ensure competitiveness in EMEA, IBM has reduced the annual percentage figures for Storage Expert Care on the NEW FlashSystem 7300 & 9500 products. This applies to all EMEA countries where Storage Expert Care is announced and available.

Ecosystem partners should refresh configs in eConfig to pick up the reduced pricing. Any Value Seller or Special Bid will need to be resubmitted to reflect the reduced price.

Please note that the percentages on the established FlashSystem 5200 remain unaffected.

For more info please see “Storage Expert Care Reduction on New FlashSystem 7300 & 9500