08.11.2021 | Tech Data IBM SW Team

Cloud Pak certification - Get certified for an IBM Cloud Pak certification from January 04 to March 31, 2022

Are you ready for the IBM Cloud Pak certifications?

Yes! Then show us that you are #1.

How? Get certified for an IBM Cloud Pak certification from January 04 to March 31, 2022.

What is your benefit? If you pass the certification, you will not only benefit from the usual IBM benefits but you can also win one of the following Tech Data rewards for for your next marketing activity.

Simply submit the passed certification to ibmsoftware.ch@techdata.com and with a little luck you will be the first to secure one of the rewards listed below.*

1st place: Tech Data award worth CHF 1’000.-
2nd place: Tech Data award worth CHF 750.-
3rd place: Tech Data award worth CHF 500.-

Taking part? You can start the certification here:

We are excited about the result and look forward to your participation.

Conditions for participation:

* The prizes will be awarded to the first 3 participants and will be reimbursed in an invoicing process after the promotion has ended.

Further information on the participation conditions:

    • includes 200$ exam fee for successful certification.
    • registered IBM Software partner in Switzerland.
    • Certification must be registered under the Swiss IBM CEID.
    • Certification participants submit a print screen of the exam result and the registered candidate ID from the IBM Partner Profiling System by March 31, 2022 to ibmsoftware.ch@techdata.com and thereby agree to the Tech Data terms and conditions.
    • The rewards will be paid for an achievement in the period from 04.01.-31.03.2022 among the first submitted certifications. The date of submission to the above Email is decisive for determining the reward.
    • IBM and Tech Data (Schweiz) GmbH reserve the right to change or terminate the promotion without notice.
    • Decisive for determining the winner / highest score are the evaluation and examination by Tech Data at the end of the promotion.
    • The winners will be informed in writing and the prizes will be reimbursed to the winning company after the end of the promotion via invoice.
    • The general terms and conditions of Tech Data (Schweiz) GmbH apply general terms and conditions.
    • The winner confirms receipt of the reward/voucher to Tech Data (Schweiz) GmbH via signature (E-Mail to ibmsoftware.ch@techdata.com) The signature also confirms that you are entitled to accept the reward/voucher.
    • The judges decision is final.