07.07.2021 | Tech Data IBM Hardware Team

Constraint on IBM 7063-CR1 Hardware Management Console (HMC)

Please amplify this important message with your IBM colleagues and Business Partners


There is a constraint on 7063-CR1 Hardware Management Console (HMC) due to supply
challenges. On all e-config configuration designs and existing orders, please update/replace
with the 7063-CR2 HMC model. The requirement to place orders with the 7063-CR2 rather
than 7063-CR1 model is mandatory, except in regions where the 7063-CR2 has not yet been
released or part of an approved government/public tender. In all other regions there are no
exceptions. The e-config development team is working to update e-config so that the 7063-
CR1 is not listed as the recommended model. Additionally by July 2nd or earlier, 7063-CR1
will be password protected outside of China, Taiwan, and India.  Password will need to be
obtained from Grace Liu. If you need help modifying a configuration to update it with the
7063-CR2 HMC model, please engage Techline for assistance.

Please contact our IBM Hardware Team for further information.