25.07.2022 | Tech Data IBM Hardware Team

IBM Webinar: Brocade IBM b-type Onboard Training 2022 (December Session)

Dear Business Partners

On behalf of the IBM Brocade Team we would like to invite you to the Brocade IBM b-type Onboard Training 2022!

In this session you will learn from our experts:

• What is b-type SAN
• How to sell b-type SAN with IBM Storage
• What are the current IBM b-type Sales Programs
• What is the SAN Sales Reference Manual (SSRM) and how to use it
• What is Brocade SAN Health and how to use it
• Where to find useful IBM b-type SAN resources
• And you will have the opportunity to meet the IBM-Brocade team

Take the opportunity and inform yourself at first hand.

Don’t miss this webinar and REGISTER today!

08. décembre 2022 à 15:00 heures
1 Heure